P (big space) hebe (inch) s

It takes some stepping away from the canvas, especially when painting big type on a wall. Maybe the big space between the P and the H would not have been as big and the tear drop between the E and the S would not have been an inch mark.



Filling potholes with mosaics

I can think of a million potholes in NY that are waiting to be filled with mosaics and type. This is a fantastic, and, I assume, labor-intensive project that drives attention to the poor road maintenance efforts and the general crappy finishing job when it is being done. With this project the artist Jim Bachor not only adds color to the street but also smoothes out the edges. Nice. Check out more images and details here. And even more here.


This wall needs some type

Type painters at work all over Williamsburg. It is nice to see that and that it is being respected by not being tagged – as far as I can tell.



The hooded type painter

When I said “I love type”, he said “Me too”, barely looking into my direction. And I certainly waited for an opening when he was not painting a stroke down the “R”. There is no command z in his case.