Great. Thanks for the info.

Ok, so I got here after wandering through tunnels, climbing up and down staircases and elevators only to learn that – in MTA logic – service is being administered on the other side. Obviously a huge sign was necessary to communicate that little nugget of directional advice to subway riders. I imagine thousands of people have ended up at this point, rubbing their eyes at this sight. Apparently somewhere in the tunnel system other signs have not properly enough warned of this situation. The grass is not always greener on the the other side but whatever service is needed it will be provided on the opposite track.



Don’t talk to me now

I took this image last year but I just found this again. Complete concentration on display here, considering the letters need to go across the grooves. Why pick a smooth wall when it can have a few more obstacles for painting type with some nice serifs?


Peel the Pink

This man was not amused. He was standing in front of this image for a while and it looked like he was contemplating its meaning. At the moment I pointed my camera at the situation he attempted to peel the substrate off the wall that defaced the side of his store. It did not look like as if it would be an easy job. I understand the frustration.